Calling all Crazies!!!

imageCalling all the crazies!!

Where are you?

All I seem to be finding is the normal people

Can’t date someone normal…..

It would never work

What do I require?

Well Tim Burton is a good start

Good Christian, but don’t get all preachy on me…. I live on the edge

I’m jumping in a lake tonight because my friend dared me to

Not jumping in the regular way like everyone else…we are climbing a rock!!!

That’s awesome

Did I mention it’s 40 degrees today with a wind chill below 30?

The water temp…Don’t even go there!!

And all for what….charity and a 24 hour challenge

What else?

Randomly went dancing all alone one night in a large city while staying overnight for a meeting

Met some great women that invited me back to stay with them next time I’m in the area

Not the average Christian woman?

Well I don’t know one who is….

In regards to entering this dating world….well, I’ve talked to Emmy award winners, US ambassadors, rock stars and homeless men….

What do they have in common?


I want someone ready to get on the crazy train with me and ride off into the sunset…..

Don’t care if we live in a cardboard box, on a circus train car or if we stay in the little town I live in

I want to do something new every week

So the next time you’re sitting there watching TV….

You may just see me come across your screen, the girl with the crazy wild red hair and the look in her eyes to match it…..

I’m out there living life….you’re just watching it pass you by

I’ll wave to you

John 12:49 ESV
For I have not spoken on my own authority, but the Father who sent me has himself given me a commandment—what to say and what to speak.

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