God here….filling that spot..how to clearly determine what comes next…..

So now….what next?

Why does there always have to be a next?

Why can’t we just be

I don’t need someone to fill a spot

I don’t have one to fill

Would I like to be in love

I am

With my life

With the way God shows me what’s next all the time and I try to rise to the occasion

I’ve fallen a lot but I love to jump back up again and tell him “I’m ready!!”

And he always throws something fun and exciting that he knows I’ll absolutely love in my path

I can feel him smiling so big when we do something crazy and fun together

Like “boom baby!!!” that’s exactly how I made her to be

The necklace with the scarf and big silver cross earrings….

How many bracelets today?

No less than 4 on any given day

Then there’s the ponytail holder always on her wrist

On that same wrist…. A watch

She can’t leave home without one….

Everyone else has transitioned to phones to tell time

Not her style

Her jewelry is such an artistic selection

You should see her in the morning

Putting on her makeup in her undergarments…..listening to music and singing of course

She’s thinking….mentally preparing for today’s accompaniments

The outfit is also quite the theatrical performance

As she trips over no less than 8 pairs of shoes to make her way across the room

Her clothes scattered in piles all around the room….she rarely hangs them up

She has the room but scattered around the room, they comfort her

Picking from the unfolded piles she is dancing around deciding what today’s colors will be

It is always such a mystery, even to her until that moment

And it’s done orange and turquoise or black, maybe gray, green and teal are top favs but pink rarely makes the cut…..her red hair fights against it winning most of those battles

As the outfit comes together she lightly spins back into the bathroom to blow dry the untamed mess, another distinct defining characteristic clearly showing God has indeed created everyone differently

Upside down this adventure begins…..and she tries in vain to dry every strand but it is of no use…..her hair will not give up all of its moisture

And up the wild mess flies as she again gives in to lack of time to fully complete

She will never be on time for anything although she fights the fact that this was a gift she did not receive

And she now floats into her equally disorganized walk in closet and looks for the right pieces of jewelry….to no avail

It is not coming to her

And she strolls into the bedroom again looking all around at the counters……

Her jewelry pieces all glistening back at her in anticipation of being chosen for today’s adventure

But again nothing

She wrinkles up her nose and the playfulness instantly dilates her pupils

Into the bathroom she spins picking up the invaluable pieces for today off of the counter

As she looks into the mirror her smile widens to match her eyes

It’s perfect…..

And now she peers one last time at her watch which is now screaming at her that we did not get ready 10 minutes earlier than yesterday despite getting up earlier with the alarm

She makes easy time of the steps, her wild hair bouncing playfully with each ascent

Rounding the corner, each strand of hair is laughing wildly covering her eyes and face

With one graceful motion, her arms have grabbed all items needed for the day

Arriving at the door, she glances to the left and loudly wishes all in the basement An Amazing Day….and she waits for their replies

And then disappears into the days adventure

Leaving a quiet house behind to miss her until her return

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