I’m secretly looking for information about you……care to drop me a hint?

Can you believe it’s been 3 months???

I can’t!!

How have you been?

I secretly hope you have been writing letters to me too….

How amazing would that be?

I’ve been slacking so I apologize for that….

Been out turbo dating in hopes of finding you sooner

Did that make you laugh too?

It did!?!? OUT LOUD?!?!

Well, that sure made me smile

So, I deleted all my dating apps yesterday

They were so critical for a time to really explore who I was on so many different topics

Hard to believe I learned so much about who I am from texting so many random people

Turns out I’m not as crazy as I thought I was!!

One thing about me you should know….I love to network!!

I meet people everywhere I spin and I do mean spin

I’ve met the most amazing women while out dancing

Did I forget to tell you how much I love dancing?!?!

Well….I’m an excellent dancer and God has helped me share my gift with so many people

I have their phone numbers and they still text me too!!

I can’t help but feel so blessed to know that you will just love that about me!!

I wish you could tell me something about yourself!!

A big part of me thinks you are shy and introverted

Can you believe that????

Don’t worry….I’ll help with that part

We will compliment each other nicely you know

I’m short, perhaps you’re tall

My hair is long and curly, is yours straight?

Oh how I wish you could drop my a hint now and then

That seems a bit selfish to pray for, so I don’t, but sometimes I secretly look for little hints

I’m doing much better since the last time I wrote to you

I hope that makes you smile

I’ve really only dated a little to this point

It’s going slow and there haven’t been any that have touched me the way you will

You will speak straight to my heart!!

My walls don’t budge with the rest of these dates

I had 3 dates with one guy; that was huge for me

I have to admit I knew before I ever dated him it wasn’t going to work out

There were a few that tempted me in different ways, but guess what??

God placed an amazing group of strong Christians in my life and I asked them to pray for me

With their help, I made it past every test with flying colors!

I can feel how you are so proud of me

And I would like to tell you today through this letter how proud I am of you

I can feel you growing stronger day by day now

Your story will inspire me to tears, but they will be tears of happiness

It is amazing to think that all the things we are going through which will make us that much stronger in our journey together

God has such great plans for us

You won’t believe the walls I’ve constructed to keep so many out

But I can feel yours are the same

It’s necessary you know

To keep others out

We were only meant for each other

I feel like I’ve rambled on today and haven’t even given you an opportunity to tell me anything

But I’m fairly certain since you’re shy and quiet you don’t mind

I absolutely adore that about you!!

I promise to write to you more often now

You are a priority, because not only will we be family one day, your faith will help to guide and strengthen mine

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