Enjoying a Ahi tuna salad with an Archaeologist

As his Ahi tuna salad with a complimentary array of fresh fruits danced beautifully and colorfully around on his plate, I stared down at mine. A Cubana sandwich with French fries, completed by a side of buttermilk ranch dressing.

“Are you on a diet?”, I stated

“Yes. I’ve been trying to go gluten-free.”

“How’s that going for you?”, I interjected, completely intrigued at the anticipation of the response.

They’d been so completely different from any of my expectations and I was quite certain this one would not fail to disappoint.

“Are you on a gluten-free diet because of a doctors statement or just because you’ve been reading the news and decided to jump on the latest fad?”

I was snapped back into the reality that we were not alone by the voice of my girlfriend. Her sudden hardened erect position next to her boyfriend was signifying that a battle was on the horizon.

I sunk back comfortably into my chair, this looked to be more telling than the anticipated response to the question I had asked.

It also made me very much aware that my question was meant to go unanswered for the evening.

His position was also changing, evolving; I was not able to read it

The predicted debate ensued

Her attack, relentless, she had packed an arsenal of fully loaded weaponry locked in on his location.

I attempted to read his body language which started at his gapping open mouth, his lips failing to produce any words with which to shield him.

This chair was rather cozy, I curled into it a little more and it embraced me as if feeling me settle in for a good movie on a lazy rainy afternoon

My mind wondered if his eyes would drift to mine for support, they did not.

I felt a gentle smile consume my entire body

I’m not certain at what point the conversation subsided but rather revealed in the fact that he never became angry, offended or argumentative.

His body position, erect but yet not hardened in the least

What was it, I was perplexed

I Immersed myself into his character

His hair, a tight, curly, frizzy, and quite untamed mess, a product of the humidity the rainy day had brought. It was quietly peeking out from the back of his unique wool hat, a gray hounds tooth print, if I wasn’t mistaken

Smoky sunglasses were hiding one of my most treasured human features from being reviewed, no matter for now, the next stop would render them inactive. We were to attend a romantic comedy at a Summer Theater

I glanced to where his shirt sleeves ended, revealing the arms of his weathered and tanned skin

The ornamental details of full sleeve tattoos adorning both arms felt tribal to me in design

The colors so vibrant yet pleasantly aged

My eyes tried hungrily to drink in the details, the artwork taunting me, refusing the secrets of their ancient story

I ventured down to his wrists and caught an array of silver jewelry so eclectic in nature which further revealed more details to a creative layer his intellect possessed

My eyes refused to continue on as they landed on one particular piece. A bracelet with turquoise and red coral. These colors were also my personal favorite

A sudden hearty laugh quickly snapped my mind back with a focus to the side of his smoky glasses

How the tan lines in the corners of what could be seen of his eyes crinkled up and came to life when this sound erupted

Feeling the lines in my eyes equally widen in definition, I was certain my mouth had erupted in a laugh to match his

I was not aware of the conversation that was taking place

Again I glanced to his wrist

How that one piece held my attention, I wanted very much to reach out and touch it

To boldly interrupt and ask that he remove it so I may turn it over in my hands, attempting to drink in its history

My mind declined to let my lips speak, a rarity for my person to be sure

My eyes descended to my watch

“Well if we are going to make it to the play in time, we need to cut this conversation short and get moving.” Came blurting out, I had returned to my filterless norm

My body quickly stood up, pushed in my chair, and demanded that all guests do the same.

We exited the building


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