Snake Eyes

I looked directly into its eyes

How high it rose up into the air, preparing

I was fixated on them

Completely glossed over

Its tongue continued to hiss at me repeatedly

If there had been a warning, I had missed it completely

How instantly I was attached to that glossiness, so watery and pure

Those eyes capturing my complete attention

There would be no rising up to fight it

Let it take you back to that moment

Paralyzed once again

Still locked in on those eyes, a wicked grin was forming about its lips

My mind blank, forcing my body to remain helpless

Consciousness had slipped away

Those eyes…so watery

The initial bite was not as painful as I once remembered

The warm venom beginning to enter slowly, happily into my veins

It was different, a bit sweeter than its predecessor

As if it had learned from its teachers mistakes

My eyes absorbed the glossy shine, how the water in them held its place

The attacks came frequently now

My body lying still, each bite, allowing more toxin to effortlessly enter in

I hadn’t missed this feeling in the least over the past year but refused to put up any fight, love is a weakness I hadn’t realized I still had in my possession

It recoiled and smiled at me

How it knew just where to bite was intoxicating

So effective, not a single drop was wasted

If my mind would have released its hold on me, I would have been amazed to watch the poisonous beauty of this moment

I’d never been bitten by this snake before, only its master

How quickly it was over

And yet I knew that a long period of time had actually just transpired

It must have taken quite some time to save up that much venom, or had it?

After one year, those eyes were finally smiling so happily

Had they always been snake eyes?

I’m certain I’d never noticed that before today

My paralyzed body was slowly returning to mobility

I walked away and caught my reflection in the mirror

How dark the pupils of my eyes now looked

Embrace the warmth, the venom was now speaking so softly to my mind

We belong here together

How much can we hold? My mind quietly asked

We can hold much more, so much more

My body convinced my lips to smile

I looked down at my arms; there were no bite marks to be seen

My heart had taken the strikes directly

What a comfort that no one would see my new scars

This was only the first of many more attacks to come

Behind me, a slithering sound lovingly assured me of that


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