Bacon Boy

Once upon a time in a Texas Roadhouse far, far away, there was a table of mostly normal volleyball moms. But as we all know, there is one in every group; this group was no different. One red headed mom in particular was not fond of the normal cinnamon butter and requested ‘plain’ butter for the warm sweet rolls that were her favorite part of this particular restaurant. She impatiently waited. Waiting was not a gift she possessed. She caught a waiter that had not been assigned to their table inquiring as to whether he could perhaps check on the ‘regular’ butter she had ordered.

He returned very quickly. Butter in hand.

She looked happily up at him and simply stated “You can never have too much butter.”

He lit up like a Christmas tree as he added “Or popcorn.”

As their eyes locked she threw out “Or bacon!”

This friendship was immediate.

As he turned and walked away, she couldn’t help but think he had an extra skip in his step

The moms looked at her laughing and said “Wow, you two made an electric connection.”

“You thought so too?” she laughed

“No doubt, we could all feel that energy.”

But although the entire table could feel it, it was meant for those two alone. Bacon and butter lovers are a unique breed and tend to have unique bonds set in place from birth, this one was to be no different.

15 minutes passed and “bacon boy” returned, as if Abbott and Costello themselves were alive and well, their banter ensued. Neighboring tables were now joining in the laughter as the conversation took them on a rollercoaster ride of twists and turns. Continually feeding off one another as old friends always do.

Turning to leave, she most definitely caught him skipping away.

“Do you know him?” asked the neighboring table as they continued to laugh.

“Nope, just met him 20 minutes ago when he dropped off some butter, it’s a bacon thing” she stated

As the meal was delivered they all began to hungrily enjoy.

She looked up.

He had returned.

“How is my favorite customer who hasn’t been assigned to me?,” he asked her

“Doing absolutely great now that my fav waiter who is not supposed to be at my table is back, what section are you supposed to be working?” She asked

“That one over there,” he stated, “but they aren’t nearly as much fun”

She caught a quick smirk

“I simply must have a pic of us!!” she squealed with delight, she could feel the surrounding tables agree

His happy face saddened a bit, “can’t. It’s against company policy. Lawsuits and such, I’d get fired.”

His sudden mood change threatened to infect the once happy but temporarily suspended crowd, a thought popped into her bacon and butter filled head.

She straightened her shoulders and joyfully blurted out “Then I shall tell you that one day you WILL have a job where you can indeed take pics with others, I’m absolutely sure of it!”

He beamed back at her, his face lighting up once again, “Yes I will! And I certainly hope it will be with my clothes on, because these hips…….. Don’t Lie!!” And with that he walked off out of her life….never to be forgotten



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