A Nightmare at the Ballet

Such creativity

A beautiful mind

Constantly spilling inspiration out onto a page


A most intoxicating and graceful tune

Such creativity

Comes from within the mind

But it can indeed be tricky


Turning when least expected

And you sleep

As the beautiful now becomes twisted

The mind should never be left all alone after dark

Let’s take a journey

The one the daylight will not allow

Lying there so innocently

Eyes closed

At first appearance

So peaceful

The mind is now quietly taking over



Feel how it wants your very soul

Take the very heartbeat

It stares hungrily now

At this body

Completely exhausted

Perfect timing is everything


Can you hear it?

The helpless body


The mind laughs on

There is no strength for it to draw from


Impregnated with deceit

The heart

Pumping at a most alarming pace


We are almost there

Stop it forever

Feel it

So ready to burst

The mind

How it’s waited so long for this very moment

The wicked smile rapidly curls around its lips

The glands


The lungs

Gasping for air

The heart

At last threatening to crash through its ribs

An electric jolt

The body releases

Sitting up at full attention

Confused and completely disabled

She collapses

Plunging back into her feathery cocoon

Barely conscious

Slowly, the mind reconnects to her body

With its sickening slyness

It is only ever temporarily contained

Unlike her mind and body

She is not even slightly aware

This particular nightmare at the ballet has only just begun

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