The Phoenix



Complete with fresh ink and all it’s bright colors

Carefully placed

Sight unseen

Rise from its ashes a new person



Once again perfect in every way

How you rely on this part of your skin to give you new meaning

Clinging to it more than it clings to you

But no amount of ink could ever penetrate deep enough

Your heart

Beating for one thing alone

Rebirthing several times over

Day after day

Week after week

Year after year

You glance into the mirror 

Failure is all that stares back at you

Close your eyes once more

Erase those thoughts from your mind


It will begin again tomorrow

But your tomorrows have all failed you

Like the ink on your very skin

The bird is only a constant reminder 

That your heart has indeed died for all of time

Replaced with a lust so powerful 

That it will never satisfy your very soul

I look into your eyes

How hollow they truly are

And my heart breaks

For I cannot follow where you will lead me

Into temptation


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