Sparkling Red Blood

A pure form of sadness descends

A most tragic ache

One you’ve never known

One most will never achieve

God is smiling

But you’re certain you saw a single tear fall from His eye

And the ones you so dearly want to shed

Fail to release

Their production forever on hold

The new rip in your heart

Wide open


Sparkling red blood

A most dazzling sight to behold

And your ears hear the clock ticking

Your time is almost out

He will be leaving soon

To find the one he will so perfectly love

Reminding you that what you feel will never be shared

You glance in his direction

What you missed, now seen so clearly

His heart


Stitches carefully sewn with so much love

The piece once missing

Is yours

How beautiful your colors look together

You are both so much stronger now

How his heart glistens in the sun

He smiles back at you

Complimenting your smile

And he’s so much stronger than any man you’ve known

As you softly walk away

He will never know

How hard this truly is

Letting him go

And the one above stares down at you

Reminding you

Some hearts are not meant for us to hold

Smile as you remember how He allowed you to share in mending it’s brokenness

And listen now as He nudges you

Gently telling you it is your time to move on

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