August 11, 2014, The final day of my 5 month affair

I remember the day I met him

His face stood out amongst all others

So kind and genuine

I could tell he truly wanted to focus on me

That’s so important in any good relationship

I returned his gaze as we spoke

Eye contact had been important to both of us from the second we exchanged names

Along with our sense of humor

Others around us always enjoyed listening in to our conversations

One of my favorite memories….

When he was on the phone resolving an issue on my behalf

He was always a gentleman like that, stepping up for the damsel in distress

As he told the woman on the other end of the line that I had indeed performed the factory reset on my phone, he nodded in my direction verifying that I had.

My head bobbled in the opposite direction.

His eyes looked at mine, searching for a solution. He wasn’t the least bit mad at me, but appreciated my honesty.

I calmly looked back at his and stated “come on Patrick, you can do this.”

He went back to the phone and delivered “She tried to do the factory reset, but I’m not completely certain she knows if it went through, she’s a bit challenged when it comes to technology.”

As our eyes again met, I whispered..”great job!” and I meant every word.

He beamed.

It had taken us 5 months to get to this place, a place of such comfort.

Sometimes to get further in life, you must challenge the comfort zone.

This weekend, in a split second I came to the understanding that there is nothing on the screen of our future at this time.

It’s gone completely black.

Drawing off of this nothingness, there are so many emotions I am going through at the moment.







As if I have been completely removed from this world

But I understand it’s only temporary

And this afternoon when I disclose to him my true feelings, I’m certain it will not be the first time either of us has had to part ways.

I will demand things of him I have never demanded before.

And he will comply with my every expectation; I admire that so much about him.

And when at last I sever our tie, I will leave him a piece of me to remember for all of time

The very part that started our relationship

My iPhone

Upon my exit, I will spin on my heels never looking back

I will finally have what I came in for over 5 months ago

When my prior 2 year commitment had come to a close

An upgrade

Patrick was simply a 5 month distraction

An affair keeping me from my one true love

Today I strongly take a vow never to let him or any other Verizon representative interfere with my Apple relationship ever again

My affair will finally come to an end today, Monday, August 11th

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