Did you forget where you left your swing set?

As a little girl she lived for one thing

It started with her swing set

It was lime green and orange

Faded and rusty

The actual swing her favorite

Plastic seat, producing orange stained fingers from the chains

Take the familiar seat, legs slowly starting to pump

How they would instantly ache with anticipation for more

Faster, harder, more power

The sunshine. Encouraging freckles to come out and play

They would answer that call

Growing ever larger and multiplying in number

The wind throwing her hair in all directions

But this did not matter

There was but one purpose

As just the right height would be reached

The gears in the mind would start turning at an alarming pace

Becoming one with all things

The swing, the wind, the sunshine, the freckles

And one by one

The words that popped into her head would trickle out


Not singing as the average person sings

This came from the very pit of her stomach

The very core of her being

And it was passionate

Not just on this day, but every day

Random words that a mind chose to put together in that moment

That little girl sang at the top of her lungs

To her, nothing else existed

There were no people

In these moments

She knew her passion

The thing that touched her very soul


Nothing would ever mean more than being captured forever right there in that moment

Completely immersed in her passion


That little girl has but one question for you….

Do you remember your passion?


Perhaps it is once again time to jump on your own swing set

Hopefully she has helped to remind you where you left yours.

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