The Dress……learning to dance

The dress hangs in the closet

In the back of her mind she remembers it is there

But that is not a place she will visit

It is unlike any other dress

And can be used for any type of dancing

If you look very closely

On this particular day, ballroom dancing can be seen in the dress

Although it’s never been used for it

And the dress begins its attempt at taking over

Softly it reminds her of her hair swept up with the most elegant of antique pins

Golden strands beginning to spill out down the very back of her neck

Most certainly this is in anticipation of the long overdue dance

Those strands very much want to flow with her every move

How the dress now wraps around her every curve

Hugging her, complimenting over and over again

Its embellishments…. Glimmering and sparkling if even a hint of light dare to reach out and touch it

One simply cannot look away though the brightness from the image blinds the eyes 

How graceful she now appears

As if she and her dress had never been parted ways

With a dignified elegance, they enter the ballroom together

The once magnificent wooden floor openly greets them

Revealing all to them all of its imperfections

This only serves to enhance the anticipation of what is about to begin

This floor has but one purpose…

Completely memorize their dance

Support them as they add to it one more imperfection that will forever become its nostalgic secret

But the lights have suddenly grown dim

That closet door

Quietly closed all the more tightly

The dress

Forced further into the back of that closet

The one that exists only in her own mind

The dress has once again begun to softly weep

Forced to embrace the fact she has silently sworn never again to wear it

Some dances will forever be much too difficult to learn a second time


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