God here….bring me to work

So you have a policy about bringing me to work?


And how long has that policy been in place?

That was after my book was written

Yep, my law is quite like that federal government  versus state versus county thing

I’ll let you figure out the logical order on that one

When was your building put up?

I was there before that

And guess what, just like so many others, its’ going to go down someday

Yep, I’ll still be there

What’s that?

You have me in your car?

Referring to that cross you have hidden on the visor?

Or maybe it’s in the glove compartment?

Perhaps you’re a little more on the brave side and you have me displayed on your bumper sticker?

I’ll let you in on the obvious

I’m already at work

You can’t leave me in the glove compartment, on the bumper of your car or in the dusty bible at home

I’m everywhere

And you need to quit ignoring me at work

We have work to do there too

You have no idea how many people we need to reach

Here’s a little encouragement for you…..


Hide it under a bush, OH NO!

I’m gonna let it shine, let it shine all the time, let it shine


Do you remember when you loved to make sure I wasn’t hiding under the bush?


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