God here…..time to talk about your parenting skills

Such a touchy subject with you lately

Where to start…

What is your role in your children’s lives?

Unfortunately, I need to let you know that lately, you haven’t been focusing too well on your role

Could you define your parenting role for me?


Let me make this very clear for you

You are the mother

No one has asked you to take on the role of both parents

Especially not your own children

Let me make this a bit easier for you

I am your father

I’m theirs as well

Now ask yourself this…

Do you suffer knowing that I am your father and will always take care of you?

Then why would you be worried that they are?

Take a deep breath

And start being only the mom

It’s all you ever needed to be

I’ll focus on the other one

I’ve got an amazing track record of being a good father

Even have a book with my stats to prove it, it’s called The Bible

Oh, and feel free to show the kids the book too, I’m sure they’ll want proof


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