Chewing on a brand new piece of ABC gum?

As I threw a brand new stick of my fav Orbitz cinnamon gum into my mouth, I wore quite the evil grin

The pack had been laying on my son’s nightstand in his bedroom when I picked up some empty dishes a week ago

It had only a few sticks missing and he was at work

I scooped it up laughing….

It was a small payment for cleaning up his mess

Today at work, as I consumed another stick, that gum tasted just as sweet as the initial victory piece

I smiled as the initial burst of cinnamon flavor hit my tongue

There is just something about my victory laced with the upgrade from Super Bubble that makes one feel rich

But something hits me

It is not the expected guilt for stealing

Indeed it is something far worse

Only this morning I remember picking up my stolen hairbrush from his bedroom floor while he was safely in the shower

Strategically deciding to place it in the opposite drawer in my bathroom, he was such a creature of habit, it would take him months to find this new hiding spot

I had even chuckled at the deviousness of it all

My thought…..

How is any of this victorious?

Had I not also recently visited my daughters’ bathroom to collect my toothpaste, shampoo and used razor…

Whose gum was this?

But I already knew that answer

This was ABC gum……Already Been Confiscated

My son had originally taken it from me

Talk about a flavor burst…..

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