Dancing with a Picture Frame

As you danced last weekend, you couldn’t help but notice others watching you

Many feeling young again as they couldn’t help being infected by the energy being given off

One person in particular sticks out the most in your mind….

The lady bound to her chair

Her two older daughters had brought her along to join in the day’s celebration

The music began, her initial partner, that which most would see as holding her back, a rickety old wooden chair

You flash back to what the owners had recently disclosed to you; most of the chairs were donated, found on curbs or purchased at thrift stores

Indeed salvaged for a more noble purpose

How she danced about in that chair, it was difficult to tell who was having more fun

You glanced over at her again, flashing a most happy smile that instantly spread to your entire face

Meeting with yours, the pupils in her eyes danced about

She had been waiting and flashed back with that enormous toothy grin

The chair kept time with the woman and the wooden floor, completely content

But the woman had a very engaging active dance partner

A picture frame

How they would spin with that music

Moving gracefully; to and fro; side to side

Embracing each other a little more tightly on the slow songs

Only 2 nights before you had scrambled to put the finishing touches on those frames

All 25 of them

Personal touches, your daughter was all about them

And you were all about making sure they would come to life

Had it really only been one short month ago, when you had visited many of the second hand stores in the area collecting these picture frames in all shapes and sizes?

It was another last minute request

Could it be completed in time?

‘No’ was never an option

This was her day

At the time it had seemed rather silly, no one knew if there was to be any room on the tables for the frames

A placeholder to ensure the guests remembered where they had sat after going through the serving line

They had seemed quite irrelevant

Nonetheless, all had been spray painted

This particular one, first with ivory, then with black

Next sanded down to make sure the ivory showed through in just the right places, how your daughter loved worn things

A piece of black paper with ivory polka dots became the matting

But one final finishing touch had made this specific woman’s night one she would never forget

A piece of ivory paper, antiqued with large black elegant numbers

The number……13

You ventured over to her table as the music stopped that evening, her eyes sparkling so bright and beautiful

As she appeared to tear up, a question was asked; just as if she were a little girl asking Santa for a present…”Do you think your daughter would you mind if I kept this one picture frame?”

You couldn’t help but return her smile at this simple request, certainly your daughter would not miss one picture frame from so many.

But your thoughts were quickly interrupted as you noticed the number inside of it….

Your mouth opened to begin asking the obvious question, but before words could be produced, she rambled on… “It was at a different table but my girls searched the tables for me to find it.”

“13 has always been my lucky number.” She gushed.

“Then you have to keep it. It’s been your dance partner the entire night….”

She beamed as she hugged the frame so tightly to her chest.

“I’m so glad you could be part of our night. I’m fairly certain the two of you didn’t miss a single dance.” You smiled as you began to hug both her and that magical frame.

“I’ll remember this night forever” She smiled, “and if you get to my town, make sure you stop over and say hi, I’d really love that.”

“Well then, it’s a date.”

“You’re welcome at our home any time and this picture frame will always be there to greet you!”

And now you reflect

On that number

And that frame

Something so small

Something so insignificant

Taking on new meaning on that night

It is indeed these little things in life that mean the most to people

Things like dancing all night with picture frame #13

Lord, I want to thank you for letting me be the legs for this woman as we danced that night

We were so far apart and yet we were indeed so close together….those arms holding up that frame so high in the air…..her eyes, filled with tears of joy and celebration

And I want to also thank you for lucky number 13

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