God here……I’m in need of few more flight attendants

The flight attendant

Such an important job

To make sure everyone arrives safely at their final destination

Guess what?

I need a lot of flight attendants too

I’d like to ask you to step up and assist some of my passengers with their upcoming flights

It won’t be easy

It tends to feel a bit too scary for some of my passengers

A few of them haven’t flown in a while

Others have never flow

Then we have those frequent flyers that never seem to arrive at the right destination

Seems there are just too many places for them to choose from

That’s where you come in

You see, I’ve handpicked some of you to be my flight attendants because you know that destination

So I’d like you to walk up and down those aisles

Check to see that seat belts have been secured

That all those valuable souls have been safely stowed for their upcoming flight

We are about to head into a little bit of turbulence

But with the right flight attendants in place,

My passengers will not only arrive safely,

They will arrive at the one and only destination that I had indeed planned for them


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