The extraordinary prize in a box of Cracker Jack….

I send song links

Not to one, but to many people

This is nothing new

To me, these have always been so much more than just a song link

They are the very expression of me

Yet, no one has ever understood them before

A wasted gift

But one person in particular has recently been able to understand me on this very level

In a way, it reminds me of the box of Cracker Jack my dad would always buy me as a little girl

How he loved watching My face light up as he would ask me if I wanted to share a box with him

It began with him ripping off the top cardboard panel

Together, we would begin to enjoy that caramel coated mix of popcorn and peanuts

Me, secretly picking away the peanuts and putting them back in the box

No matter, dad would always eat them as if he had no knowledge of what I’d done

His hand scooping out another handful

The corner of his eye always on me

My eyes began to sparkle a little more with each handful

The air between us thick with the anticipation of the upcoming event

The real reason we both loved that particular snack

as my small hand descends back into the box, a giggle slips out

Was this it?

My fingers now felt that orange and white package located on the side of the carton

The prize!!

I would grab it quickly as dad would let out a loud chuckle “looks like you beat me to it again!!…..Open it up, let’s see what we got this time”

My eyes burned like a wild fire with the excitement of what lay enclosed in that paper

And I would rip it open

How he never tired of watching me open prize after prize

And I, never tiring of finding each and every treasure

It is a similar feeling I get when I send a song link to you

And yet, it is, in many ways, very different…..

You are asleep so far away from me on this particular day

Today’s song link was chosen carefully

Because I need you to wake knowing this:

In my head, I am watching you sleep

Your chest moves silently up and down with each breath you take

Assuring me you are peacefully dreaming

My hand wants to rest on that place, but my mind nudges me on

It follows an upward path to where your head is resting; my eyes have joined my mind in leading us to this next place

Your dark curly hair

How it is beautifully it has become peppered with strands that shimmer of silver and gray

Have I never notice how intricately they compliment your dark curls before now?

My fingers ache to reach out and touch those very strands but my mind gently reminds us again we have not reached the bottom of the Cracker Jack box yet

As if my hand has felt that orange and white paper, I feel that we are about to reach our final landing spot

My eyes begin to sparkle

There is a prize?!?!?!

“Yes”, my mind tells me, “stay in this moment or we will miss our favorite part”

“The prize”

My eyes are now burning like wild fire

I can’t wait for my mind to open them…

Your eyes

As you lay there sleeping, they are closed but I know the very brown they possess when they are looking directly into mine

It is not dark and hard but rather smooth with swirls, a golden liquid

Is it possible that they possess a little drink of red from my hair?

I ponder for a second if it is there when I am not?

My mind laughs at me

And I know with that, it is not

Together we smile as it shows me how the color in your eyes continuing to swirl, leaving us both paralyzed with its motion

So unlike any color one could dare to imagine

But my mind captures everything, refusing to play the details until moments such as these when I will watch them most attentively

My mind smiles contentedly

It has indeed delivered to me alone….

The Prize in the Cracker Jack box

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