And yet the fear speaks again

And yet the fear speaks again

Do not forget me……

I am the blackest of black

The tar that filled our very lungs

Our veins

Our airways

A most thick substance

Threatening to extinguish our very existence

You crave more

Like a junkie needing one more fix

But one more is never enough

How willingly he gave it out

Time and time again

Shiny black eyes

Their dark color never lightened up

Do you remember it?

The very feel of it

Direct from his heart

What a gift

His own veins naturally pumping the product

From birth?


You needed it

Depended on it


The feeling it gave you

Unlike that which you’d ever known

Watching each injection

What a tolerance you had built up

More being needed to produce the desired result

Eventually….your eyes grew ever darker

Sparkle fading away

It had all but been forgotten

Those who knew you well watching you morph into the ugliest of moths

So unlike the butterfly

You crawled around


Occasionally you dared look at your wings

Don’t forget

You were never meant to fly

Disproportionate to your body

Clipped, much too heavy for flight

Remember it


The place where you find comfort

It’s dark here

And cozy

Visit me

Just for today

Don’t forget

I own you

After all

We are old friends

And I promise never to leave you

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One Response to And yet the fear speaks again

  1. Psycho says:

    I find this poem absolutely amazing 🙂 reminds me of my own writings.

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