God here….I’ve removed the breaks from your car

Wanted to let you know I removed your breaks today

Why the look of panic?

Oh, I get it now…

You’ve never seen a car without breaks

Well, I have to admit I don’t do this a whole lot

Not many get to the point where they no longer need them

How fast will we be going?

Well now…

I’m sure glad you asked that one

You know just how to make me chuckle

I’m quite sure I don’t have to remind you that you already have a bit of a lead foot

You also know I have no issue with it

Truthfully, I’ve been waiting

Those breaks have done nothing but slow us down

My plan has always been to take you on the ride of your life

The one I specifically made only for you

And let me tell you, where we’ll be going…..

There’s no need for those breaks

They’ll be no stopping

And certainly no chance of ever slowing down

Oh, one last thing

I’d recommend putting that crazy hair of yours in a ponytail

Now that I’ve removed the only thing that was slowing us down

I plan to show you just how fast this thing can really go

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