God here…so you’ve learned how to juggle

I’ve been watching you


Who knew you could juggle so well?

I even noticed this morning that you added yet another ball to the mix?

What is that like 10 maybe 12 things you are juggling all at one time?



You put on quite the performance!

So half of the things you have in the air at the moment are on fire?

That must really be something to see!!

What’s that?

You’re not sure how long you can keep this up?

I was wondering that one myself

There’s more?

You may need an assistant?

Are you sure about that?

Well, of course I’ve got a spare hand

But first things first…

Nothing you’re juggling is truly on fire

Well, I’m not sure why you were smelling smoke

Oh yeah, and you aren’t really juggling that many things at the moment

Yep, I have been here watching the entire time

Why haven’t I been helping?

I have been ready the entire time

But you’ve insisted on juggling alone

Want to know something else?

I’m more than willing to take some of those things off your hands

Yes, even while they’re still in the air

Trust me

I don’t let important things fall

And you we getting a little too close

I’ve got many years of practice in this area

Keep your focus on me…..

After all, I will be the one juggling now

P.S. I will be adding in some real fire, so please remember…. keep your eyes on me at all times

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