Today she wore red….

The alarm clock

Anything but pleasant waking her this morning

A whole minute early

Knowing less than 6 hours of sleep would be achieved

Nevertheless, she arose quickly

But unlike most mornings

Pushed the snooze

Then raced back into the arms of her warm covers

Smiling softly, they open up

Welcoming back her tired body

Quietly wrapping her up tightly

A caterpillar in a cocoon made of pillows

9 minutes remaining before consciousness would be regained

How does she do it?

Before there is time to ponder, the alarm clock begins once again to coo contently

It is indeed waiting to embrace the bonus of today

The sudden leap is made across the frigid room

A second gentle touch issued

It reassures the clock

Thanking it for working double time today

She waltzes into the bathroom

Shedding the black lace tank top and panties on the way

Pausing for a split second

Once again she is caught flying through the air

Landing on the still warm comforter

Fumbling, her hands quickly locate the object

How could she forget to turn on the music?

She giggles aloud

The room silently holds its breath

Trying to anticipate today’s selection

Folk? Perhaps heavy blues?

Her expressions

Rarely producing the slightest of hints


Quite some time since this sound has filled the room

She smiles

Then disappears

Back into the bathroom

How brightly the room now greets her


Mere seconds ago darkness had enveloped this space

She bends down

Personally greeting the cold white tub

It returns her request with blinking, sleepy eyes


Just one more minute, perhaps two

But she knows her old friend well

And forces the water to spill out

First from the spout…

Then onward making it rain

The tub giggles back its happy reply

But of course, much too quickly the waterfall comes to an abrupt ending

She commands the nearby lifeless towel to snap to attention

The very drops of water seem to be participating in the day’s excitement

Attempting to outsmart the towel

They are in a race to drip onto the floor

She looks back at her natural reflection

Her mirror returns the smile

Newly formed bags under her tired eyes flash a threat but the smile convinces them to happily retreat

A glance towards the clock

She now gracefully dances herself into today’s clothes

And again moves on

Focused on the many treasures sprinkled about

With intense consideration, today’s selections are made

She glances back to her reflection and smiles back widely as it asks a question…..

“Of course we will have a scarf today!” she squeaks aloud

But it is not merely the reflection that sparkles at this response

It is the entire room….

The warm covers

The alarm clock

The cold floors

The mirror

And even the hook which the scarf is now seamlessly extracted from…

Twirling around she captures one final look

As if absorbing them all

And exits

Somehow taking the room with her

She giggles out loud…

And then bursts out the door

The bitter cold playfully paints one final necessary touch upon on her cheeks

For today…..

There was but one logical choice…

She wore red

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