God here…our word for today is Couch Potato

Logically, we’ll start at the beginning

The definition

Couch Potato

“a lazy person who does nothing but sit on the couch and watch television(see also sofa spud)”


Even I appreciate the Urban Dictionary on occasion

Now let’s take a look at your life

Little to no extra money

Little to no spare time


Raising 2 teenage children

Considering living in an RV(not a bad option…housekeeping could be addressed a bit more easily if you travelled with your home)


Would you really sit still that long?

I certainly can’t see it

Do you miss it?

Didn’t think so

Slow down a minute….

You’re giving us both a headache

All this talk of trying to force yourself to squeeze in some ‘couch potato’ time

You do know it will require giving up something you love to do

Don’t look at me

I certainly didn’t ask you to slow down

Did you forget?

It was you who asked me to keep up

And me who brought the nitro

Stop questioning what to do with your time

You already know

Didn’t bless you with any of that couch potato

Better strap yourself in tight

As usual we’re about to hit some killer speed bumps!

Oh, and grab a helmet

Installed a turbo upgrade during your last pit stop

Couch potato….

Don’t make me laugh

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