The Perfect Unopened Present

There it sits

On the shelf in the back of your mind

So perfectly wrapped in every way

How the paper around it sparkles

Constantly giving off the most comforting glow

Many times you have taken it down…

Only to remind yourself that you must put it back

And each and every time, you place it back in its perfect spot

Tucked safely away


To all the world except you

On special occasions

When you are all alone

You try to imagine what the contents may be

And each time you dare to even touch it…

You are off on another magical adventure

What could possibly be inside??

Your mind interrupts you

And gently reels you back in…

This one is to remain untouched

A mystery for all of time

And this makes you smile

The simple thought

That you will have it forever

If only you dare to visit that shelf in your mind

It waits to take you away every time….

The perfect Unopened Present

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