The lost boy

His name….Jordan
I knew exactly who he was
Another ‘lost boy’, intent to corrupt my son
I inquire
And learn
They’ve been friends about 6 months
My son shares more…
Jordan is on probation
For possession of prescription drugs that were not his
Mentally…I’ve just labeled him
Inform my son to avoid contact
For the most part, he adheres
Hanging out only on rare occasions
‘The lost boy’ is doing better now, he informs me
More details to ‘lost boys’ story…
Picked on by the cops
First offense
Wants to stay on the right path
I listen
But motherly instinct kicks in
I decide this boy is not welcome in “my” home
(in retrospect, this is “our”home….sigh)
A few more weeks pass
I see ‘the lost boy’ out
Other times longboarding
He’s short
Dark brown hair
Too long
Wearing a baseball cap, skate rat kind
His hair feathering to the right a failed attempt at concealing his eyes
What they are hiding?
I don’t care to know
And empty
I refuse to look directly into them
Not that his would ever make an effort to meet mine
His face
Overgrown with acne
He is not my problem

A single parent

I have enough of my own
The ‘lost  boy’ appears out of nowhere at our home, requesting a reminder be issued to my songraduation ceremony
My son comes home from work early, announcing he’s off to graduation for some friends
“Jordan was here.” I announce it as it instantly falls flat to the ground with my disgust
My son responds….
“Mom, he lives with his grandparents, okay? And he doesn’t have a mom or dad, they’re gone, or they don’t care or something, I don’t know. He lives way clear across town and doesn’t have a car. So he probably walked all the way over here because he wanted someone to go to his ceremony today. I don’t think his grandma and grandpa are even giving him a party, even if they would he wouldn’t have anyone there. I told you, he doesn’t have any friends. He’s really shy, but he is a good kid. Sometimes I think he might be taking pills or something, but I don’t ask him. I just tell him to try and be a good kid; he knows he’ll go to jail if he messes up again. And he’s really afraid of going to jail mom, he told me. You always tell me not to judge. He doesn’t have a nice house, or a nice family or nice anything. So I’m gonna go and watch him graduate. That’s all.”

With that, my son leaves

and I am left alone…..

Feeling lost

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