It’s all in a name…..or was it… in the Name Tag?

Tried a new church over the summer

Not exclusively for the contemporary services it offered

My vocal chords and limbs would argue it was the music

Not many seemed to dance

That had little effect on my body’s involuntary movements to this sound

And then

There were

The Name Tags

I connected immediately with the concept

It felt quite personal and cozy to me

Perhaps it was my way of revisiting preschool years

Writing my name out in big sloppy letters, I placed a smiley face underneath

It’s amazing what a smiley face can do

When its time to greet one another, it can make all the difference

Summer came to a close

Ir was time to venture home

To the traditional  church

I attend the monthly worship team meeting


The Name Tags


Moving forward, I inform all of my Summer defection

A look of shock about the table

Somehow this feels a bit more deafening than the crickets

I circle back



Of Name Tags


I listen

Restate my position


Testing the idea

Delegation(that would be to me)

I’ve had plenty of failures, what’s one more?

A few weeks later…

Arrive early

Man my station

As usual, with little to no thought

My mouth opens

“Name tags….get your name tags…step right up, everyone has a name.”

People glance in my direction

And quietly begin forming

What could only be described

As a line….

The very kind that grow

And curve around

Toward the entrance

But in this particular line was overheard

Something foreign

A new noise

One which could only be described as…


I begin working a feverish pace

Greeting as many as my overloaded brain can handle

An older lady looks me square between the eyes

The Clint Eastwood look

“Are these for the people who never come? So we will know their names?”

“Not in the least.” I state. “These are for everyone, I certainly don’t know everyone’s name and I’ve been coming here for 8 years now”.

She hesitates for a few long seconds

Then grabs 2 Name Tags

One for her

One for her even grumpier old husband

Another man feverishly scribbles the words “I’m awesome” looks up proudly and smiles.

Nice to meet you “I’m awesome,” I smile back and glance over at his wife, “let me guess? Yours  will read, ‘I’m awesome too?’ ”

She smiles back at me, “You know me better than that. Mine will state“I’m not with him.  And an arrow pointing in his direction”

We all share in the chuckle.

Another spells his name wrong, peels off the incorrect sticker and hands it to my daughter.

She proudly places his tag below her own.

“Great, now there will be 2 of you in church today.” I blurt aloud.

His family laughs, his wife quickly stating, “I may just want to sit by the one spelled incorrectly.”

Then there’s that little old lady…..

The one who attends faithfully

Every week

Rarely talks to anyone

“you know… I recommended this idea many, many years ago when I was on the worship team….I always knew it was a great idea.” She smiles up at me so very warmly

“Well now…” I look to her Name Tag…”Louis, I’m quite glad you came up with this great idea. You were right, it seems to be a big hit!”

100 name tags…


200 name tags


More names filtering in

The bell rings

A Warning

The service will soon begin

“Step right up, we got room right over here. Let me know if you need a name, I got some good ones that I’m pretty sure haven’t been taken yet.”

The bell rings out again

Issues its final warning

But that line

Shows no sign

That anyone

Will forego

The opportunity

To have their very own

Name Tag

I race to the back room

Retrieve the final package

Look down at the contents

And realize….

It’s all in the Name Tag

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