God here…. About those “other duties as assigned”



Such an interesting profession

Your favorite part….

‘Other duties as assigned’


A map

You drew on it by hand

I believe using highlighters?

I know, I know, they were all you could find

Preschool supplies are not always so easy to come by

Yes, I heard you last night too

“wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow they put me in charge of scrubbing toilets and replacing toilet paper rolls…..fairly certain there’s marketing value in that if they look close enough….”

So this afternoon

You asked me some very specific questions

Told me you understand things work on my timeline…

Then reminded me

I didn’t bless you with an abundance of patience

Finally statimg you wanted clear communication from me today

You went back to your desk

Checked your emails

And read the words aloud

“I heard you may be the one in charge of paper shredding??”

I do so love watching you crack up…

And you were anything but quiet with that one!

I figure it’s always best to speak direct

And humor is one of those gifts I did bless you with

But you have so many

In regards to the other answers you’re looking for….

They will come

On my time

Until then, just keep laughing

It’s in your job description

That one I have on file for you

Under ‘other duties as assigned”

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