Revisiting confirmation….

Luthers small catechism



Week after boring week

Finding my fav hymn(did I have one?)


Finding a fav bible verse and

Yep, you guessed it….


A photographic memory put to good use(?)

questioned by the pastor in front of the congregation

unforgettable to be sure

Wearing an ugly white robe with a red carnation

Olan Mills comes to mind

Friends and relatives coming over to celebrate

Through the entire memory

No idea what was being confirmed that day

My parents didn’t pray at the party

Though they rarely ever prayed aloud

Not sure if  God was on their guest list

I sure don’t remember seeing him there

But, this was a simple tradition like birthdays and holidays

Just like that

I became a confirmed member of a church

One that had been preselected for me

So tonight

I researched


I was supposed to be confirming my baptism that day


I was sure I had confirmed my keen memorization skills

Haven’t picked up that catechism since

Don’t remember what my hymn was

Nor my supposed fav bible verse(to be fair, the pastor picked these out for all)

What I can confirm?

Being part of a church is not about any of the things I stood up for when I was 14

I decided to confirm with God directly what confirmation means to me

He liked it






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