The wall…


Some days there is this huge brick wall



I want to scream

So loud

Make it crack

And I do


Inside my head

Nothing affects it

I stare blankly


Should I give up?


Get angry?

None of the above?

I sit down

And try

So very hard

To see it


I stare at it

‘why won’t you let me in?’ I ask it

The question tumbles out

‘Isn’t this a waste of your time?’ it answers back

‘I don’t know,’ my honesty bounces back from it, echoing loudly

‘what do you know?’

‘Well…I know that I really enjoyed writing’


‘and all of the creativity…’


‘And you’ve taken it all away from me..’


‘You are the wall’

‘Am I?’

‘Aren’t you?’

‘What are you questioning?’

‘Well, I guess I’m questioning if you are the wall’


‘and if you are the one who put it there’


‘and……if maybe’


‘’well, maybe’

‘go on’

‘Are you really a wall?’

But there is no response

I look at it

A tear silently rolls down my cheek

Etched in the wall

Three tiny words

“I was here”

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