Time to meet Gary…

“I don’t mean to creep you out, but can I share something with you?”

“Of course”

A co-worker has silently appeared in my office.

My mind speaks quietly to me….’what kind of creepy are we talking about here?’

“My sister-in-law is dying of cancer, we thought she’d pass this weekend.”

“I’m sorry to hear that”

And I am sorry, but somehow the intent of my words falls flat

I’m certain it’s from working my new second job

The last week of work consumed more than 100 hours of my life

I have new intense dislike for waitressing

“Want to know something even more strange?”


My responses remain uninflated and short, and I can’t help feeling she’s puzzled by the information she possesses

This is therapy for her

“She keeps telling us she can see her husband but she can’t touch him yet.”

“That’s beautiful.”

Another minimal reply

But this one

Completely heartfelt

“Beautiful?” she studies me

Her expression softens, yet remains perplexed

“Yes. To know that the people we love are patiently waiting for us, that God would allow them to reach out and comfort us during our final days of suffering……incredibly beautiful.”

“She keeps telling us his hand is on her right shoulder. Says he can touch her, but she can’t touch him….not yet. It’s so sad to see her this way. ”

She states the words, but I am not certain she truly feels this way.

And as I see her now,

She appears comforted

At peace

“Thank you so much for sharing that with me, I’m sorry that I don’t see the sadness in it, but sometimes…..,” My words flow more freely now as I pause for a small moment

I smile

“When I’m focused on the right thing, I am able to see a bit differently. At these times, I’m able to truly view life with so much more beauty than my tired mind could possibly create”

She quietly leaves, also smiling

I’m left feeling a bit overwhelmed…..

With a pure happiness

And He assures me

That one day

I too

Will have the opportunity….


To meet Gary

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