‘Current Location’ the map app



Looking at my phone

I tap on the map app

‘Current location’ stares back at me

Well, according to GPS, located somewhere in the sky

I am at ‘current location’

I glance again

“I’m not really here” I whisper

I look to the blinking cursor…..


“I don’t know where I want to go” I whisper again

It continues to blink at me

I glance to a line located just below

3 Icons with names




“I don’t think I have any favorites” I utter

Words falling out

They are matter of fact

I tap on the favorites button

Verification maybe?

This populates

Two words

‘Current Location’

“but I’m not really here…”

I attempt to argue

With an app

Sit down

And let out a sigh

I was here….

I’m almost certain of it

It was yesterday

And I’m slightly sure that I was here the day before

But I’m just not today

Perhaps I’ve checked out?

But I’m not lost

There’s proof of that

The map

So I remain


In this

‘Current location’

That one most refer to

As Life

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