A journey out to sea…..


Listening to women chatter about recipes, knitting, crafts

A mother-daughter weekend with girlfriends was not on my ‘to do’ list

I accommodated out of duty

Or was it an attempt to resurface into the world socially?

Most likely the latter

Why is it we are not allowed to fade away from time to time?

I remind myself to make eye contact from time to time as the room continues to spin with activity

Small pockets of girls immersed in deep planning around a kitchen table

Craft store shopping tomorrow

I eventually excuse myself from the table careful to site a long work week and need for ‘recharge’ to be prepared for the upcoming festivities

The morning arrives much too soon as does the sound of birds

More like hens on this particular day….

Their clucking picks up where it left off the night before, only with an even bigger level of enthusiasm

I let out a sigh

Before we even leave the house… the first of many ‘girls weekend’ group photos are snapped

We pile into 2 vehicles…12 hens total

In and out of the car several times over

We look at crafts

“what did you get today?” the clucking continues as one of my girlfriends slides back into my peripheral

“I haven’t found anything yet” did I really just cluck back?

“there are soooo many neat ideas aren’t there!! It’s hard to pick!”

Is she squealing?

“yep.” I’m not certain I even agree with myself

The next stop yields us a very immaculate barn/home location

Another sigh…

While I can appreciate the attention to detail from this personality type, the intense desire to have a weed free lawn and beautifully manicured home does not fit pair well with my creative nature. I’m reminded of the ample amount of leaves providing a colorful blanket for my less than perfectly manicured lawn. Proof that everyone sees beautiful in a different way.

We pause once again to take group photos

“Smile girls, everyone cross their legs this way. Hurry, we only have 30 minutes at this location!!” the clucking, squealing girlfriend has a schedule to keep and more importantly a Snapchat storyline to post to. We are on a tight leash…or timeline, maybe a bit of both

We smile, some of us perhaps a bit less wholeheartedly….

I so need some time alone

But I usually do

“Okay everyone 20 minutes and back to the vehicles!! Look fast!”

I make my way inside…trailing the pack to closely match my feelings on the place

My eyes first see the 80% off sign, but I’ve always loved a great deal


My eyesight drifts to the inventory

Old photos, rusty gas cans, old wicker baskets in disrepair

My mind a bit confused as the exterior did not provide any clues to this type of an interior

Looking up to the rafters, I find a grand old chandelier

And begin drifting off to sea

Below deck

On an old wooden ship

It is hearty


My eyes see a sailer swinging from that chandelier….

A warm smile has found its way to my lips

“Mom!! Do you see the chandelier?!?!”

My smile widens….

Raised a good one there

Attention to detail is a generic term, open for interpretation

We both continue the journey

Drifting further out to sea

Collecting treasures

Our minds begin to whir

Wheels spinning at a fast pace

Imaginations creating so much from so little

A most beautiful thing

When suddenly….

The ringtone on my phone rudely interrupts

“Hurry!! We need to get to the next stop! Where are you?”

I’m lost at sea….in a most amazing wonderland of items

We collect our treasures

Head to the check out

And eventually land back at the vehicle

“what did you find? I didn’t really find anything there, I don’t think anyone else really did either. Did we miss something in all that junk?”

But there is no need to respond, she has since rolled down the window to engage in conversation with our co-host. The next stop being discussed.

And I am sitting in a vehicle surrounded by chattering women



Out to sea

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