Walmart Cirque Du Soleil


As I did the march of doom into Walmart…


A man playfully whizzed between myself and another cart

It was a pleasant surprise

Quite as if he were a bike delivery person sneaking in between cars during a traffic jam

He moved with lighting speed making squealing noises

The tires on his cart suddenly transformed into that of a race car on a high speed track

I smiled as my eyes followed his fast paced journey

He wore black ear buds inside a trendy army green jacket

A black stocking cap atop his dark head of hair which neatly matched his tidy ‘scruffy’ face

He was attractive for his young age yet elusive and eccentric at the same time

A unique catch to be sure

His pace never let up as he grabbed items while in flight

Dunking them like a ball player into the metal ‘basket’ of his cart

With each point making airplane noises

I continued my shopping feeling much lighter in my own steps

Heading towards my final item I smiled to myself….it had been such a treat to watch him race

If only for a few brief moments

“beep beep!!”

The sudden noise startled me and I quickly jumped out of the way

The mystery man and race cart were back

Flying down the aisle and carefully clearing their path enroute

I laughed out loud and took a quick look into that cart as it zoomed by

Junk food

I paused

Frozen and unable to move

I’d  just met and lost my shopping twin

I too have many times participated

In a Walmart Cirque Du Soleil

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