Time to take out the trash….


The weekly task

Of taking out trash


A long driveway

Currently covered

In ice

But a journey with an other

Often takes a lighter stride

We deposit the containers on the street

And begin the journey back to the starting point

But I look up

To find

The clearest of nights

A most brilliant navy black blue sky

Sparkling with diamond-like stars



I inform the other of my find

“Let me go turn off your garage lights!”

He races away

“Careful!! The driveway is pure ice!”

My attempted warning falls flat

He has no cares for that in the least as he races away

Back out

Forgot a light

Back in

I smile, laughing out loud

Life is filled with the clearest of moments

We simply refuse to acknowledge them

“Is this the best spot to see them?”

“No, it is not…”

I hesitate for a moment

“The cemetery is…..I haven’t been there for an awfully long time but…..it is the best place to see them.”

And we watch as the stars light up the night for a few brief moments as everything else fades away

It was indeed the perfect time to take out the trash

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