His hair



A greasy dark brown coloring with a small hint of a red

Filthy old baseball cap, worn backwards



His attire?

Black t-shirt

Worn out jeans

Worn from years of use, not the least bit from the latest fashion trend

Peering through the dish racks

This is Heath

At least from a first glance

The book by the cover

I smile

He reminds me of so many

I instantly decide to like him

And the night moves forward

Back and forth to the dish area

A cup rack full

“I have an up and over, you ready Heath?”

“Cool.” A simple reply and the rack is transferred from our side to his

He smiles

Crooked teeth showing

Through unkempt facial hair

A ‘wanna be’ beard refusing to hide acne

Black rimmed glasses

The kind that feel as if they should contain a piece of white tape in the middle

“What’s your name?”


“Nice to meet you Heath, I’m Michelle”

“Awesome” That toothy grin so familiar

Like a kindergarten child that has recently had a visit from a particular fairy

Over the next few weeks, perhaps even months

I watch this dishwasher work

He’s a turtle to be sure

Slow, yet consistent

One speed

No adjustment dial

“Hey there Heath, how we doing today?”

Just another night at the restaurant


“Well Heath, tell me why you are so hungry?”

“Haven’t eaten all day…no money, hope to get some pizza tonight if they mess one up”

“Well I hope they mess one up that just happens to be your favorite kind”

I walk away deciding that if I make my goal in tips tonight, I will treat Heath to supper.

A pizza in his choice.

I can’t help but guess that it is pepperoni

As the night moves on, my goal is achieved.

To be fair, I did set it a bit lower.

“How we doing now Heath?”

“Awesome, dude. Got some pizza and that gave me lots of energy”

“Well how about that! You made my night Heath.”

“cool. It made my night too. Sucks to work when you’re starving.”

A cart comes in with surplus banquet food from the night.

“Don’t throw that away….the servers will eat it.” I interject just as a fresh batch of grapes is about to go overboard. Luckily I know this girl…a close friend of mine.

“We got another cart of fruit and veggies on the way…you’re welcome to it, as long as you clean it up after.” She smiles at me

“will do”

She bounces out of the room to collect the next round

“Heath, did you hear that?”

“No dude, I was concentrating on the dishes”

“we can eat this food, you’ll be able to eat some more goodies!”

“Nah, I’m good. A pizza is enough”

“Heath, I’m gonna get you a ‘to go’ box and I want you to take some goodies with you.” I’m sure my motherly tone has kicked in

“Nah. I’m cool”

“Heath, it’s okay to take the food they are throwing away. You can do this.”

And I walk away…not waiting for his response

As the night comes to a close

I’d long forgotten that ‘to go’ box

I venture back to the kitchen to deposit some remaining dishes

“hey, what’s your name again?”

“It’s Michelle”

“yeah, so you’re going to be super stoked Michelle! Look, I got my own box and it’s full of grapes!!” the toothy grin has returned once again.

I am beaming….

“Well look at you Heath!! You’re going to eat like a king tomorrow too!”

“yeah, you got some cool energy Michelle. You’re all like smiley and stuff and always upbeat.”

“thanks Heath. You’re pretty cool yourself”

And I leave that night feeling so inspired

It’s people like Heath that make life so much brighter

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