Why she pics daffodils…..


Arriving at work early

Vases in hand

She proceeds directly into the break room

Empties her arms

And starts happily digging through cupboards

Collects the few additional vases needed

Smiles in approval

Her eyes drinking in the eclectic bunch of glassware

She fills all with water…

And bright yellow daffodils

8 vases total

Freshly picked this morning

Happy with her work, delivery begins

7 desks

Smiles are collected in exchange for bright yellow gifts

Her face and heart beaming, she deposits the final one on a desk of her own

Her workday begins

“Who gave you the beautiful daffodils?” a coworker has stopped at the desk next to her

“She did, she brought them in this morning”

The woman has motioned in her direction

“what a nice thing to do.”

“would you like some?” she asks

“Do you have any left?”

“Of course. This one right here.”

It is the one remaining vase

The one recently deposited at her own desk

“But those are yours.”

“I have a few more at home…besides, I so love to see them scattered throughout the building”

“Then I will take them.. I do love flowers. Thank you.”

The final exchange completed, she goes back to her work

Feeling so very grateful

But more importantly

Feeling completely thankful

For almost 4 years now God has provided her a way to maintain her home

A single parent, working three jobs

It feels so surreal to her

Each year she has asked God to show her ways to share her home with others

And today, just as she was about to leave

She saw the beauty of what this property had produced

An answer

God revealing a way to share her home

With not one, but several others


And that is why…

She picks daffodils

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