How I wish to always remember love.

That spot right behind my ear, the one only you have located

A hand placed in the small of my back, a spot reserved always for you

A crinkle at the sides of your eyes, telling me you are just about to let out a hearty laugh, oh the silly things I say

The twinkle of blue diamonds, as your light blue eyes sparkle with happiness

A happiness stolen away much too early, taken from your very soul

A soft touch of delicate fingers sweeping up wisps of my hair

Those that seem to have purposely fallen for you, landing on your favorite place….the back of my neckline

A soft kiss from lips, those so confident yet so very tender

Those revealing to me that I am yours forever


A silence


The dark of night

I sweep back the cold sheets to my bed

Climb in

Seeking only their warmth to blanket and comfort me

My head slowly and delicately lands on my pillow

Tender arms cradling two additional pillows in close

The whir of the fan

My trusted nightly companion

It once again beckons me to sleep

And indeed I do

Falling so very quickly

My mind

Shuts off the day… the weeks….the years….

Time has elapsed

Since I have known love

Sleeping lips smile


Each and every gentle touch

Of love

All so very precious to me

My hope…..

That I will never forget

A touch

A comfort

To remember each and every gift of love

But I am not concerned

For my mind has always stored all of its best memories


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