The Circus of Life

06.19.17 Circus of Life (2)


I watch the world with all it’s bright lights swirl around me

As if I am still and they are a circus

So many rings of activity

All performing at the same time

Most days, I have little time to pause or partake in any of it

Other days, I simply don’t want to

On this particular morning

I sit down on the cold brick fireplace in my home

An attempt to let the circus disappear


Where do they purchase it in such mass quantities?

Can it be delivered to ones’ home with free 2 day shipping via Amazon Prime?

I am unsure

I pick up a book from the end of my bed

And begin to read where I left off

Psalm 4:4

“Search your hearts and be silent”

Thank you Lord

For bringing peace and calm in the midst of this

The Circus of Life

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