It’s a wild world….

I guess there is a tornado cloud that has been swirling above and all around me for quite some time lately

It’s full of hatred, frustration and anxiety

All these people surrounding me with what I know in my core to be untrue

I understand hurt


Being let down

Trampled on

Feeling beaten up

And left alone

I live in that world each and every day

I know tired

I work 3 jobs

I have no one to come home to at night

That security telling me tomorrow will be better

It’s not waiting to tuck me in at night

And I refuse to give into what this world is telling me

I get up every day and go back into that ring

Most days I lose

But I try

And some days I too get beaten down a bit

But I do not ever want to make anyone feel as if there is no hope

This life is a test

One I hope very much to pass

So when I see everyone out there focusing on themselves

Not taking time to love one another it kinda pisses me off

But I’m too busy finding more people that need love to take the time to remind you to quit being unloving

So if you haven’t heard from me in a while, it’s not because I didn’t try to love you

It’s because you refused to accept it and I decided it was time to find others who needed it a bit more than you must have

And if you miss that connection

Come find me

But leave your bad attitude behind

There is no room for it where I’m going

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