8-3-2017 1-58-47 PM

An artist

The highest of highs

The lowest of lows

We all have them, right?

Ponder the thought


We all do

Yet so many of us

Never reveal

That place

The one of isolation

Is it real?

The room

Only ‘some’ of us go to

This place

No one follows you to

Complete darkness

Maybe they didn’t have the time to notice

Their schedules

So very filled

With busy and happiness


This room

Will never contain

Try not to visit

But lately, it calls

More frequently

So comforting

A heavy warm blanket

Smelling of sleep

And rest

It provides so many things

Things this world

Does not

And the mind works slower here

But everything slows in here

There is a peace

One no one can take away



Only results

In wanting it

So much more

Its silence

The very one that does not contain you

It contains no one

It pushes everything









Things ‘life’ tells you

Are needed

This room reveals so differently


A different picture

One of content

And peace

Such completeness

And then


You disappear




And no one

Saw it coming

Not even Chester

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