Spending the evening with Seether

Spending the evening with Seether

The crowd seemed excited

Mixed with a bit of ‘on edge’

Tonight’s music



Sound checks


The heart fills with their vibrations

I have no idea what I’m anticipating here

On the fence

I find my place near the front, so typical of my nature

The crowd feels primarily intoxicated from alcohol or buzzing from some type of drug use, perhaps a little of both

My mountain dew is having little effect on my imminent sinus infection

I’ve stepped in gum

The gooey substance quite insistent we remain close friends, I give in

The band begins

For some reason

The music is off

Am I too close?

I continue to watch

The guitar players have a mechanical energy

It resembles wind up monkeys playing cymbals

They look happy enough I guess

The wild drummer seems typical

Most likely will break sticks, cliché

None of this adds up to the continued bad mix

I venture to the back of the venue

Hopeful for better sound

The feedback… like nails on a chalkboard

Still not the deal breaker my mind is listening for

The sounds


Creating one chaotic mess


None of which results in music

My mind begins taking its’ time with each song

There is a needle in haystack I’m looking for

Perhaps it is not meant to be found

I close my eyes

An attempt to either shut it out or refocus on it

Perhaps a little of both


They land

A lead singer

Hidden behind a mound of hair

Dark locks fighting

To keep him isolated

Granting no exposure to light

Looking closer

The event spins on

Surrounding him

Is he trapped?

A man in a cage. No key

His vocals do not contain sadness

They are regurgitated

They do not contain anger

They are recited

The crowd pumps its fists into the air

He is not in a metal cage

I close my eyes again

My mind locates him

His entrapment

A mental one

He’s locked

So far away


But they don’t see it

On and on the songs continue

Where is the man who wrote these lyrics?

The prisoner

One thing is certain

He’s not on that stage

I don’t believe he ever entered this building


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