5 years single….Hi there, do you have time to fall in love?

5 years single….Hi there, do you have time to fall in love?

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Let me take you on a date…..

So tell me a little bit about yourself.

You enjoy the outdoors, not a fan of large crowds, stick to the basics for food. Got it.

Where are we going?

Just get in, I promise you, I heard your requests

You’re not big on surprises?

I let out a hearty laugh, you’re a bit late on that information

Nope. I won’t be giving any hints.

You think we’re going to a music venue?


This date is about you. Not me. Just a reminder.

I smile flashing my teeth and mischievous eyes

We arrive two and a half hours later at dusk…light is fading fast

It’s a park in the middle of the city

But not just any park, it has a powerful falls water tumbling over with such force that a light mist floats gently down…. settling on everyone in its proximity

It’s warm, cheerful and almost transparent, as if it evaporates as soon as its gentle touch is felt

There are lovers holding hands under these cozy lights…walking along the paths

There are so many winding in a variety of directions

I gently and silently take your hand in mine

We choose our direction and head down the first flight of concrete stairs towards the sound of more rushing water

At one point we are lead to a spot with large stones made to resemble benches

We sit


The water, the night and the trees remove the big city that surrounds it

I let out a giggle and run to the edge of the water

“let’s put our hands in and see if it’s warm!!” my voice suddenly bursts out, full of excitement

You are hesitant, refusing to come to the edge, but the night flashes me your quiet smile telling me your eyes are crinkled up in the corners with happy

Come on….you must try it, lay on your side like this and put your fingers in, we can both try it at the same time

My smile is wide, adventurous and shining bright against the night

Your feet wander over and you laugh as you cooperate with my request

The water is warm, inviting, not all what was expected

You remember this place….. 



Did you fall in love just now?


Felt good, didn’t it?



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