This Dance….Lead me not into temptation…but deliver me from evil

Ah, this dance….

So, we all know there are predators out there

We’ve all been burned

All had that experience we’d like to sweep under the rug and block from memory forever

But, think back to that experience for a minute

Did you ask God to actively be a part of it?

Pretty sure I know your answer to that one

I almost had one of those experiences this week

And if I had followed through on my own, I know I would have had some sweeping to do

What did I do differently?

I prayed

What did I pray?

Ten simple words

“Lead me not into temptation, but deliver me from evil”

And I was delivered from evil

God sent a sign so clear the predator ran the other way

That leaves me back to square one

With an opening in two weeks on what was supposed to be a first date

And guess what, I couldn’t be happier

God knows your single and he also knows how, when and with whom He will fill that opening

So keep smiling and dig out that little black mini skirt but don’t forget to ask God to help you with “this dance”

Rest assured, he has the power to keep you from temptation

All you have to do, is ask

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